Day 303


Today is your day, Annabella!

WHAT >> Shi Tzu

WHERE >> Upper East Side, NYC

WAGS FOR >> strutting her cute self at 16 years young!


Day 302


Today is your day, Heidi!

WHAT >> German Shorthaired Pointer

WHERE >> Upper East Side, NYC

WAGS FOR >> running–her picture was taken the day before the NYC marathon and her family claimed she’d win it if there was a dog category!

Day 301


Today is your day, Mikey the Police Dog!

WHAT >> German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois Mix

WHERE >> Grand Central Station, NYC

WAGS FOR >> playtime on the job; we give thanks to Mikey & his human cop friends for keeping everyone travelling thru Grand Central Station safe!


We at EDHID are so thankful for your support and all of the wonderful doggies we have met this year – thank you!

Day 300


Today is your day, Cody!

WHAT >> Golden Retriever

WHERE >> Upper East Side, NYC

WAGS FOR >> playing fetch…goes crazy whenever he sees a ball, ANY ball!

Day 299


Today is your day, Vesper!

WHAT >> Black Lab

WHERE >> Katonah, NY

WAGS FOR >> sleeping over at Sable & Halley’s house (days 281 & 283)

Day 297


Today is your day, Buddy!

WHAT >> Chihuahua/Dachshund mix

WHERE >> Spring, TX

WAGS FOR >> Chasing lizards and escaping!