Day 273


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today is your day, Ruby!

WHAT >> Great American Road Dog

WHERE >> Atlanta, GA

WAGS FOR >> eating, fishing, chasing cats, running wild and then napping frequently. She loves everybody but especially little children. She has been called “the best dog ever” by her legions of fans.

(thanks to Mary Mac Saunders for the photo!)


Day 272


Today is your day, Elizabeth!

WHAT >> Terrier Mix

WHERE >> Katonah, NY

WAGS FOR >> getting in the Halloween spirit!

Day 271


Today is your day, Walden!

WHAT >> Lab Mix

WHERE >> Katonah, NY

WAGS FOR >> posing as a dogfish (btw, Dogfish Head Brewery makes a mean punkin ale at this time of the year!

Day 268


Today is your day, Max!

WHAT >> Pit Bull

WHERE >> White Plains, NY

WAGS FOR >> Being a handsome, train-travellin’ pooch

Day 267


Today is your day, Sophie!

WHAT >> Yellow Lab mix

WHERE >> Atlanta, GA

WAGS FOR >> human food

(thanks to Cathy & Dan McLagan for the photo!)