Day 242


Today is your day, Lola!

WHAT >> Boston Terrier

WHERE >> Grand Central Terminal, NYC

WAGS FOR >> Treats and sitting in laps

(Lola is a S.N.O.R.T. rescue spotted with her foster Mom. Wishing all the best to Lola and hoping she has found a forever home by now!)


Day 241


Today is your day, Maggie!

WHAT >> Chihuahua/Shepherd Mix (Street Rescue)

WHERE >> Greenwich Village, NYC

WAGS FOR >> sleeping, eating, going for rides (she has a bad leg)

Day 240


Today is your day, Asbo!

WHAT >> Black & Tan Terrier

WHERE >> Scotland

WAGS FOR >> Chasing pheasants out of the brush

Day 239


Today is your day, Glim!

WHAT >> English Pointer (3 months old, awww….)

WHERE >> Scotland

WAGS FOR >> Being active! He is never still when awake and has more energy than can be believed.

Day 238


Today is your day, Jura!

WHAT >> Bernese Mountain Dog (Sennenhund)

WHERE >> Scotland

WAGS FOR >> filling in for weights (she weighs between 50-60 kilos!)

Day 237


Today is your day, Titan!

WHAT >> Great Dane

WHERE >> Edinburgh, Scotland

WAGS FOR >> queuing up for the bee tent at The Royal Highland Show (a farming and countryside showcase held annually in late June)

Day 236


Today is your day, CJ!

WHAT >> Pointer

WHERE >> Linlithgow, Scotland

WAGS FOR >> climbing munros in horrible weather (a munro is a Scottish mountain over 3000 ft.)

A big hooray for our first Scottish dog!