Day 128


Today is your day, Bella!

WHAT >> Yellow Lab Mix

WHERE >> Greenville, NC

WAGS FOR >> Being brushed and hanging out with people at the dog park instead of the dogs

(Bella’s owner Caitlin Ryan tells us that Bella has already been through a lot! She was found abandoned, emaciated and although only one year old, she had already had a litter of puppies. After she was adopted, she was spayed, but the Veterinarian left surgical sponges in her abdomen. Bella just survived a surgery to remove the tumor that formed around these sponges and is doing great. Whew! We’re so glad you’re better, Bella – enjoy your day!)


2 thoughts on “Day 128

  1. Bella, you are a beautiful dog! So sorry for all that you been through at the hands of some evil people. So glad to hear that you are with a loving and caring people. I am amazed that when you are at the dog park you would rather be with people. You are a very sweet dog and I wish you a long happy life.


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