Day 124


Today is your day, Jack!

WHAT >> Miniature Sheltie

WHERE >> Katy, TX

WAGS FOR >> Cozying up to strangers


3 thoughts on “Day 124

  1. Never trust a stranger, unless you can see into their soul like this little guy. Love, The Stranger.

  2. Coziness is a great feeling, but you are so darn handsome I wouldn’t want a stranger taking you away from your family. I hope your family keeps an eye on you at all times. I am a stranger, but I would never take someone else’s family away. I have my own little girl and I would be devastated it someone took her. I always keep my eye on her all the time and if I don’t see her every 15 – 20 minutes I ask my family where is she. They think I’m a little obsessed and I don’t care I take good care of her. So Jack I hope your family is keeping an eye on you, because you are so handsome I believe a stranger wouldn’t hesitate to take you. It’s a shame, but a lot of peoples furry family member get taken and never seen again. Be safe JACK!

    • Jack was totally safe! We went to the park and Jack took a liking to my Dad and just sat by his side the whole time. It was sweet. Jack’s Mom was never more than 2 feet away and he wouldn’t have left without her.


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