Day 150


Today is your day, Jada!

WHAT >> Pit Bull

WHERE >> Alexander City, AL

WAGS FOR >> Car rides and anything with stuffing

(thanks to Joanne Hatchett for the photo!)


Day 149


Today is your day, Obi!

WHAT >> Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

WHERE >> Manchester, UK

WAGS FOR >> Naps and playing

(thanks to Freyja for the photo!)

Day 148


Today is your day, Kiki!

WHAT >> Rat Terrier

WHERE >> Katonah, NY

WAGS FOR >> jumping and playing with tennis balls and giving kisses

Day 147


Today is your day, Maya!

WHAT >> Australian Shepherd

WHERE >> Katonah, NY

WAGS FOR >> Running and playing with other dogs

Day 146


Today is your day, Finnegan!

WHAT >> A wonderful mix

WHERE >> Katonah, NY

WAGS FOR >> Chasing balls, riding in cars, going to the beach, getting treats and bullying sticks (way to stay active, Finn – let those sticks have it!)


Day 145


Today is your day, Betty!

WHAT >>  Dachshund

WHERE >> Katonah, NY

WAGS FOR >> Going for walks and being petted