Every Dog Had Its Day (for now)

It’s hard to believe this 365 day project has come to an end! Thank you so much for following along as we met wonderful dogs from all around the world. Besides dogs in several U.S. States, we had dogs from Norway, Scotland, France and Italy! I’ve put together a 3 minute video showing all 366 dogs (we happily had an extra contribution). If we continue to get contributions through the year, I’ll be sure to post them here as no dog will be turned away. Thanks again…it was truly wonderful to meet so many dogs and the wonderful owners who love them. All the best to you!

You can see the video here: http://flipagram.com/f/q1zA7leg8K


Day 365


Today is your day, Mylee!

WHAT >> Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund)

WHERE >> Cedar Park, Texas

WAGS FOR >> being held and at 6 weeks old having a big life to look forward to!

Day 364


Today is your day, Flora!

WHAT >> Bichon Mix

WHERE >> Upper East Side, NYC

WAGS FOR >> coming to the library with her mom and getting treats from the library staff

Day 362


Today is your day, Buddy!

WHAT >> Mastiff/German Shepherd Mix

WHERE >> Mammoth, WY

WAGS FOR >> licking children and playing in the snow at Yellowstone National Park!

(thanks to Todd Smith for the photo!)